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updowndesks.com Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a base that corresponds with the width of the top?

All of our bases are width expandable. That means that, not only will they fit under either 24" or 30" deep tops, they will also fit any width from 30" to 72". For widths wider than 72" contact us for instructions and tips.

Can I put my own desk top on an UpDownDesk base?

Yes. At UpDownDesks we’re all about reusing and recycling. If you have a laminate or veneer work surface or desk top, it will usually function very well on any of our bases. Just remember the screws that are included with the UpDownDesk base are for minimum 1” thick tops. If you are attaching a thinner top, be careful to use appropriate length screws. Recommendation: If you are converting panel hung work surfaces within a work station, it is recommended that you cut down the existing work surfaces to allow a 1" gap (pinch gap) all around. Most professional furniture installers can provide this service.

Can I put an UpDownDesk top on another manufacturer’s base?

Yes. Although we would prefer that you use our UpDownDesk base, our premium quality tops will look great on any base. In addition, the warranty on our tops would still be valid. (see Warranty) The pilot holes in the underside of our tops are designed to make it easy for positioning our tops on our UpDownDesk bases, so they probably won’t be useful on other bases. Be careful to use appropriate length screws.

What is the advantage of a Sit-Stand Desk over a Sit-Stand Desk Converter?

Sit-Stand Desks raise the whole work surface (phone, documents, writing material, as well as the computer, keyboard and monitor). Sit-Stand Converters leave the desk behind.

The normal desk height in North America is 29” – which is perfect for someone who is 6’-4”. Nearly all fixed height desks are already too high for most users. Sit-Stand Desks allow the surface be lowered to a comfortable keying height while seated. Sit-Stand Converters sit on top of the desk and increase the seated keying height making a bad situation even worse!

Can I attach a height adjustable keyboard tray to an UpDownDesk?

Yes, in fact UpDownDesk keyboard arms are designed specifically to fit height adjustable desks where a sturdy frame runs between the legs just under the top. You will find two options in our "ACCESSORIES" section.

Where does updowndesks.com ship to?

We have partnered with trusted and reliable small package and freight companies, in order to provide shipping within Canada and the continental U.S.A. Please contact us for any questions or a quote on oversized (multiple) items.