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Essential Complete Desk by updowndesks.com Review

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Expanse Desk Review


"Updowndesks.com is offering high quality ergonomic solutions for both home and business users, at prices which don't preclude all but the deepest pockets from getting the benefits of a sit/stand setup.  Kudos to them for providing a great customer experience.

The bottom line with my experience on this (EXPANSE) desk has been extremely favorable.  It started with great customer service, and finishes with my continued enjoyment of my work space." - Michael

Egret Customer Review updowndesks.com

When we asked Mrs. Courville, a Durham Region elementary school teacher, to do a frank evaluation of our new EGRET Mobile Lift Stand, she didn't want to give it back. "OMG! It's so awesome in my classroom. I may not want to part with it! There's a lot of interest!!!"

Due to the excitement in the classroom, we're calling it the TEACHER'S PET.


Review updowndesks.com"The ESSENTIAL UpDownDesk is ideal for my needs. I got a height adjustable desk for my office some years ago. I'm very satisfied with it but the available widths are too large for my needs at home. I was very pleased when I recently found your company with a desk that has a width as small as 30". Thank you for a good product and outstanding service." - Georges, Toronto, Canada

updowndesks.com customer review"UpDownDesks have been an incredible productivity booster to our office. They are excellently made, easy to install, and make the grind of the work day all the more comfortable with their versatility to adjust to the needs of the user." - Wesshipsls.com, Alabama, USA


“While the goal is to get it right first, the real measure of outstanding customer service is how a company responds and I appreciate your excellent and diligent follow-up to get it right. A+
All the best and please feel free to use my name as a referral.
Thank you again, Dana”  Dana Davis, Sacramento CA


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